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  • Euro-Star Extra Long Fly Veil (Black)
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Euro-Star Extra Long Fly Veil (Black)
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Euro-Star Extra Long Fly Veil (Black)

This chic, crochet fly veil from Euro-Star features soft, elastic jersey ears for the comfort of your horse and has an extra-long front which can be attached to the noseband by means of a crocheted loop. It is finished with a Euro-Star logo on the front and on the right ear.

Machine washable

Colour: Black

Comes in one size only (Full)

Lisa’s notes: These lovely fly veils are perfect for when the weather gets warmer and those irritating flies start to appear. The longer length in front of the veil means you can attach the fly veil on to the noseband, making it far more effective against keeping off flies and protecting those horses that are particularly sensitive.