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Imperial Riding Star Army Bell Boots
Imperial Riding
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Imperial Riding Star Army Bell Boots

The Imperial Riding Star bell boots come in an array of colours to complement their saddle pad range or look equally great on their own! These camouflage themed boots are neoprene lined with double Velcro overlapping strap to help keep them secure and in place.

Colour: Camouflage

Available in Pony (Small), Cob (Medium) & Full (Large) size.

Lisa’s notes: These fun boots are ideal for helping to prevent injury to the bulbs of the horse’s heel as well as being just that bit unusual! We like how the neoprene is rolled around the top of the boots to provide a greater degree of comfort to the horse and the small star on the locking strap is a nice touch and continues the theme that runs through this collection. They are sensibly priced and make a great gift for someone!