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Dainese Childs Alter Real Waistcoat

Dainese Childs Alter Real Waistcoat

The Alter Real waistcoat is perfect for wearing under a show jacket or for a child that requires some protection over their back and refuses to wear a traditional body protector. Dainese’ are the market leaders in the Skiing and Motorsports worlds and have been making sports protection for 40 years and it with this experience that they aimed to design an equestrian range of equipment that provided maximum comfort and protection. This innovative protective waistcoat is characterised by a hexagonal construction which guarantee maximum efficiency in terms of coverage and mobility. The arrangement of the hexagons in composite figures allows the design of a protective system that offers mobility and maximum protection where necessary.

The material used, Crash Absorb, is a special water-repellent viscoelastic nitrile rubber, perforated especially and capable of guaranteeing protection, comfort and breathability at maximum levels. The hexagonal design of the Crash Absorb segments allows them to have a vast range of movement 6 sides of each hexagon with mobility through axes of 30°, 90° and 150° without leaving any gaps in the protective layers of the body protector as they have the ability to generate closed surfaces. The layers of Crash Absorb are chemically welded to the outer stretchy layer of the Alter-Real and as a result elasticity is built into the whole body protector – this allows for maximum movement of the rider.

The Alter-Real is lightweight allowing the rider to use their full range of movement – this means you have the flexibility to perform to your best, safe in the knowledge that you are protected to CE EN13158:2009 Level 1.

Lisa’s notes: For those who are into their winter sports or motorbikes then this brand will be a well-known name to you. They have cleverly taken their experience of providing protective gear and created a range of sports equipment for the equestrian market. This clever waistcoat is perfect for those times when you wish for your child to have some protection over their back but don’t want a normal Level 3 body protector. We have found that many showing and dressage parents want some form of protection for their child but do not want to spoil the lines of their show jackets. This waistcoat is extremely close fitting to the body and will sit neatly underneath clothing without the bulk you get from a normal level 3 protector. It’s important to note that it does not meet the standards required for Eventing and Pony Club rules but if you have a child that resists wearing a normal body protector then this may be an answer for it at least affords some protection to their back in the event of a fall whilst riding every day or at a normal showing, dressage or show jumping competition.

They come in Black and Navy. We generally keep Navy in stock in all sizes but if the size and colour that you require is not available please do give us a call and we can order them in. We have attached a size chart for guidance but do call if you require assistance.