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  • Carrots Country Riding Gloves Black and Green
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Carrots Country Riding Gloves Black and Green
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Carrots Country Riding Gloves Black and Green

If you are looking for a traditional country appearance, the Carrots Green Herringbone Gloves will get the thumbs up! Lightweight, stretchy and durable, these horse riding and fashion gloves look fabulous on the high street or at a horse show. Designed for country fashion and comfort, the four way stretch fabric ensures a perfect fit and allows for flexibility without bulk. Leather reinforcement at the fingers and thumb ensure these have a long lifespan and maintain a smart appearance. Made from 80% nylon, 20% elastane.

Size: Adults (one size fits all)

Lisa's notes: These gloves are almost too nice to ride in and most of the customers who have purchased them have wanted them as a fashion accessory as they are so smart. However, don't think these gloves are not up to the job as a riding glove because you would be mistaken. The fabric means that they are extremely flexible and very robust. They would make the perfect gift.