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  • Leovet FrogAde (with Brush) 200ml
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Leovet FrogAde (with Brush) 200ml

Leovet FrogAde (with Brush) 200ml

Frogade is designed as intensive care for the sole and frogs attacked by thrush. It contains Iodoform that effectively fights thrush and the attached brush smooth's the pitted texture and stimulates blood circulation. It facilitates hoof regeneration after the second week of treatment.

Treatment: Use 2-3 times a week.

Measurement: 200ml

Lisa’s notes: This hoof treatment is just part of a range from Leovet who are known for producing quality products for your horse that actually work. Hence why we stock them! If you have a horse that is prone to thrush then this product is an absolute must for your tack box. It comes with a handy brush that you use in conjunction with the product to massage the gel like consistency in to the affected area to treat thrush and also help in stimulating new hoof growth. For acute cases of thrush check out the Leovet Frogmedic spray.