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IV Horse Junior/Small Adult Lunge Whip (Pink)
IV Horse

IV Horse Junior/Small Adult Lunge Whip (Pink)

This flex lunge whip with golf grip comes with a braided stem & lash; & is specifically designed for the smaller person or smaller pony! All IV horse whips are braided during manufacture to ensure a fully tight and tapered fit of the braiding on the stem, which is produced from engineering first grade materials to maintain Whip4Flex technology. This ensures just the right amount of snap in the whip!

Colour: Pink

Length: 44” (112cm)

Lisa's notes: These lovely lunge whips are ideal for children or smaller adults who find that average sized lunge whips are unwieldy! They come in a selection of colours and make a great gift!

We are happy to ship these across the UK but due to the length of them they have to be shipped by courier & cannot be shipped by standard Royal Mail services which means they cost far more than the standard price for shipping we charge. Thus, we have included in this price the additional shipping cost. If however, you wish to order online & collect in store, the price is reduced to £14.70! For further details please contact us.