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Esperado Customised Set (Black with Green/Silver/Blue Braid)

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Esperado Customised Set (Black with Green/Silver/Blue Braid)
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Esperado Customised Set (Black with Green/Silver/Blue Braid)

This customised set is from Esperado’s Create your own collection and is designed to showcase how Esperado can create your own special colour scheme.

It features a saddlepad with wave quilting and manufactured from a high quality blended fabric containing a breathable inner material and waffle lining on the underside. They are extremely durable and machine washable at 30°.

Colour: Black with a stunning Blue, Silver & Green binding.

Material: 65% Polyester/35% Cotton

Size: Full GP

In addition, there is a soft fleece/cooler rug made from Polar fleece which is both antistatic and anti-pilling and helps wick moisture away from the horse to the outside of the rug. It comes with two front buckles and fillet string and is a decent depth. These rugs can be supplied with tail ornaments as shown on the white set at additional cost.

Colour: Black with Blue, Silver & Green Binding

Material: 100% Polyester

Size: EU 155 (UK 6’9”)

Finally, this set comes with a crocheted fly veil with cord braiding.

Colour: Black with Blue, Silver & Green Binding.

Size: Full

Lisa’s notes: This set has been created to give you an idea of some of the possibilities that you can have with the Create your own collection. There is a huge range of colours that you can choose from and it is completely up to the individual whether they go for the whole set which can even include a box curtain for your stall when away at shows or just an individual item! The possibilities are such that I defy anyone not to be able to create even the most obscure colour combinations!