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  • Elico Pony Club Coloured Stripe Tie
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Elico Pony Club Coloured Stripe Tie

Elico Pony Club Coloured Stripe Tie

This unisex tie features the traditional striped colours of the Pony Club. It is approximately 42” in length and suitable to wear for all Pony Club activities.

Colour: Sky/ Purple/ Gold Striped

Lisa’s notes: This tie is not the official version that you can purchase direct from the Pony Club which has the Pony Club logo on it. However, we sell lots of these to our Pony Club centre riders who want the correct coloured tie but without the price tag! Also, considering half the time it is underneath a sweatshirt or show jacket, you never actually see the Pony Club logo! It is officially known as the cadet size as it is suitable for children and not too long. You can purchase longer ones from the Pony Club but so far we have found it is plenty long enough for most of our riders including our bigger teenagers!