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Harry Hall Hi-Viz Adjustable Tabard (Fluorescent Yellow)

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Harry Hall Hi-Viz Adjustable Tabard (Fluorescent Yellow)
Harry Hall
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Harry Hall Hi-Viz Adjustable Tabard (Fluorescent Yellow)

The Harry Hall Hi-Viz Adjustable tabard is the ideal way to increase your visibility when out riding. The tabard features a full length zip at the front and is fully adjustable with Velcro tabs at the side which allows you the flexibility to be able to wear it over a variety of garments. It features white LED lights to the front and red LED lights to the back with three different sequences available to use; with a battery life of up to 40 hours. There are additional reflective trims to the front and back and it is lightweight and quick drying.

Colour: Yellow

Available sizes: S, M & L

Fabric: 100% Polyester

Lisa’s notes: This is a really great tabard for the money and has lots of features to help keep you safe when the visibility is poor. Living in Cornwall not far from the moors and just 25mins from the coast, we are prone to a lot of low lying fog and this tabard has the option of being able to be used with or without the lights. There are three little battery packs, one for each side of the front of the body and one for the rear. You can turn each set on individually by way of an on/off button on each pack. Each time you press the button, the light sequence changes and once you have gone through the three sequences, then it can be turned off. It’s very simple and easy to do even with gloves on! With regards size, I am 5’6” tall and normally take a UK 12 in a jacket. I found that I could easily fit into the Medium size tabard and that was whilst wearing a tee-shirt, sweatshirt and lightweight rain jacket. It also sat high enough not to interfere with the saddle. Hopefully, that helps; but please call if you need any further assistance!