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Leovet 5 Star Detangler 500ml

  • Leovet 5 Star Detangler 500ml
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Leovet 5 Star Detangler 500ml

Leovet 5 Star Detangler 500ml

This premium detangler contains arginine for better hair growth, wheat pentavitin to help stop itching and dry skin and Pro vitamin B5 Panthenol for healthy, nourished hair with lots of volume. It makes it easier to comb the mane and tail and gives protection from dust and dirt for several days.

Measurement: 750ml

Lisa’s notes: The reason we decided to stock this range is the number of requests we had from customers for it. This detangler boasts lots of ingredients but the main reason we stock it is that unlike some silicon detanglers out there this one does not dry out the hair and cause it to become brittle. It not only aids in helping make it easier to comb through manes and tails but also encourages hair growth and helps stop any itchiness sometimes associated with detanglers!