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Amerigo Vespucci Double Bridle (With Matching Reins)

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Amerigo Vespucci Double Bridle (With Matching Reins)
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Amerigo Vespucci Double Bridle (With Matching Reins)

This beautiful double bridle from Amerigo provides the ultimate in comfort and design. The padded crank noseband and browband features their trademark double raised leatherwork detailing. The noseband is fully adjustable on both sides for easy adjustment, and the buckles passing over the sensitive jawbone area are all padded. In addition, the headpiece cleverly integrates all the bridle parts that usually go over the poll into one softly padded piece to help minimise excess pressure in this area and around the ears. This quality bridle is sold complete with matching leather reins.

Available in Black or Brown.

Sizes: Cob and Full.

Lisa's Notes: If you are looking for a quality bridle that offers your horse the maximum in comfort and will not only last for years but look fantastic in the process then this one from Amerigo is a real contender. It is very quietly unassuming with its elegant leatherwork and the attention focused on the quality of the leather and the fit it provides. The clever headpiece helps to reduce the normal bulk found in other styles over the poll and is wide enough to disperse the pressure more evenly in this particularly sensitive area. The matching leather reins are suitably elegant and come with buckle fastenings as part of the bridle. If your pocket can stretch to this then you will have made a wise investment that will last you and your horse years.

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