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  • Cottage Craft Stirrup Irons PSOB
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Cottage Craft Stirrup Irons PSOB
Cottage Craft

Cottage Craft Stirrup Irons PSOB

These PSOB stirrups are ideal for everyday riding or smart enough for competitions. They are one of the most standard shape irons with their two bar design, which are lightweight and come with a rounder shape compared to Fillis irons.

Available in 4”, 4.25”, 4.5”, 4.75” and 5” sizes

Lisa's notes: These PSOB stirrups are the ideal irons for those looking for a general pair of stirrups. The sides and bottom of the stirrups tend to be thinner than the Fillis design and are often used by children and those looking for a value for money set of stirrup irons that will work for all occasions. They do not come with a set of treads so you will need to purchase a set of PSOB stirrup treads to fit in the bottom.