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eQuick EShock Faux Fur Fetlock Boots (Black)

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eQuick EShock Faux Fur Fetlock Boots (Black)

eQuick EShock Faux Fur Fetlock Boots (Black)

eQuick boots are a new generation of show jumping boots containing the exclusive, patented eFluidgel technology that significantly reduces impact on the horse's legs.

The special bubble in the shell greatly reduces the impact the horse's leg could suffer due to air and gel compression.

Made from high quality materials that offer reliability and durability these boots are ideal for protecting your horse’s legs from injuries whilst ensuring maximum comfort thanks to the anatomic shape which wraps around the fetlock perfectly.

The outer shell is reinforced with TPU and has a soft faux fur lining, and two easily adjustable elastic straps.

The boots also include the free torsion system which is a special system that ensures the horses leg is not blocked whilst jumping, which is an absolute must for top performing horses.

Check out the technology by going to https://youtu.be/9GFffYt6IQ0

Available in Small (Pony), Medium (Cob) and Large (Full) sizes. (please see the attached size chart on how to measure)

Comes as a pair.

Lisa’s notes: If you are looking for a quality set of fetlock boots then these are definitely worth checking out. They are used by an extensive range of professional showjumpers because of their ability to help reduce the stress and shock on the horses’ legs by absorbing the force thanks to the special bubble. It’s all down to physics (and you thought you’d left that all behind at school!). However, for those interested we have included the link to the eQuick youtube channel above for a more in depth explanation than I can give! These particular boots come with the straps rather than the velcro fasteners and are easy to use. However, if you require more assistance then please do contact us!

*Please note that the boots look exactly the same as the black version shown here but have the blue bubble on the rear (as seen in the image of the brown version) rather than the black bubble which can only be found on the Legend edition range of eShock boots.