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Renasan First Aid Spray (250ml)

  • Renasan First Aid Spray (250ml)
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Renasan First Aid Spray (250ml)

Renasan First Aid Spray (250ml)

This spray is a revolutionary, clinically proven antiseptic utilising hypochlorous, the naturally occurring biocide found in all mammalian immune systems. It kills 99.9999% of pathogens on contact and is antibacterial, anti-fungal and sporicidal.  It is perfect for flushing wounds and preventing infection; 100% natural, PH neutral, non-irritating and non-sting. Also safe if licked. Use on cuts and minor wounds. Also use on hotspots, rashes and post-surgical sites as well as itchy and allergy affected skin. It is safe to use in eyes and ears and can also be used on dressings.

Contains no steroids, alcohol, preservatives or essential oils and is competition safe, containing no banned substances. A first aid kit essential; it is ideal to have with you in the horsebox or car, on walks or out hacking.

• RenaSan is approved under the EU Biocidal Product Regulations EU 528 (2012). These regulations now govern all disinfectants and antiseptics to achieve compliance with these stringent new regulations every element of the product has been independently tested including safety and efficacy (effectiveness).
• PH neutral, non-sting
• Skin friendly
• Gentle. Hypochlorous is a completely natural part of your animal’s body so skin tissue doesn't react against it as with chemical topical antiseptics.
• Use to deodorise smelly dogs as well as bedding. Kills the bacteria that cause the smell
• Sanitise and take the itch out of insect bites ie mosquitoes, midges, horse flies


Water; Salt, Hypochlorous

Size: 250ml

Lisa's notes: This is a really useful spray to have at hand as it can be used for so many purposes. I use it on our horses, dogs and cuts and we have customers swear by its use on sheep and goats!