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eQuick eKur Luxury Rear Dressage Boots (White)

eQuick eKur Luxury Rear Dressage Boots (White with White rod)

The eQuick eKur luxury dressage boots are a protection boot that perfectly adheres to the horse’s leg, ensuring maximum protection to the most vulnerable areas whilst leaving the fetlock free to move. They are designed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading Grand Prix riders to create boots that will meet the demands of professionals and horses.

They are incredibly light but thanks to a combination of innovative materials ensure the highest protection and comfort for the horses' legs. They feature a soft fleece lining whilst the outer shell contains micro-holes which allow the boots to breath.

They are characterised by the patented system (QRS) of closing and opening which allows them to be rapidly removed from the horse’s legs courtesy of a clever plastic rod. Instead of having to undo all the Velcro closures, you have the option to quickly pull out the plastic rod which instantly releases the boots thus making it far quicker and safer for riders and grooms to remove in less than a second. This is especially convenient on nervous horses.

In addition, they are fully washable.

To check them out go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=Ecv4pxL2jgw and see Michael Jung demonstrate them!!

Available in Small (Pony), Medium (Cob) and Large (Full) sizes. (please see the attached size chart on how to measure)

Lisa’s notes: We were really impressed with these boots, they not only look great but we love the ultra-clever QRS system which gives you the option of being able to remove the boots quickly. They are of a really high quality and nicely shaped for the comfort of the horse. The fleece lining is soft to the touch and perfect for those horse's with more sensitive skin. They are not cheap but the feedback from customers has been extremely positive with the consensus of opinion that it is worth spending the extra money for the peace of mind of having the QRS system. We have enclosed a size chart but if you require any further assistance then please do contact us!

* Please note that the images show that the plastic rod is orange. However, although the boots can come with either orange, black or white rods, these particular boots have the white plastic rod for a discreet look.