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eQuick eArtik Horse Therapy Boots (Black)

eQuick eArtik Horse Therapy Boots (Black)

The eQuick eArtik boots are suitable for cold and hot treatments. They are equipped with three generous Velcro straps to adapt the boots to all the horses, saving the need to purchase different sizes. The clever shape of them also ensures they always remain in the right position. They are easy to use and easy to wash; just remove the gelatine bags, close the Velcro straps and put the boots in the washing machine at 30°C. They are perfect for using at home or during shows and come in a tough bag to keep them clean. For just some of the applications they can be used for then read on below.

Cold therapy is one of the most effective methods for alleviating soft tissue-related aches and pains of hardworking horses. The eArtik boots cold therapy can aid with the healing & prevention of new or old musculoskeletal injuries.

Cold therapy can also be used as part of your horse’s everyday work regime. When a horse is working hard, capillaries, tendons and ligaments expand and when work stops, that excess flow can persist. With cold therapy we can close up the vessels, and restore the post workout circulatory conditions.

Cold therapy is also ideal for treating haematomas, sprains, injuries, and strains, ligament and tendon damage. To use the eArtik boots for cold therapy, do the following:

  • Put the gelatine bags or the entire package in the freezer for at least 2 hours. When needed take them out from the freezer, put them in the pockets of the eArtik boots and apply on the legs of the horse. Normally the manufacturers suggest an application of 15 minutes but you must consult your vet with regards the recommended time of application.

You can also use your eArtik gelatine bags for hot treatment if required.

  • Put the gelatine bags in the microwave oven for max 1 minute at 650W. Take them out and apply where required. (taking care that the bags are not too hot)

You should consult with your vet prior to applying any of the above treatments. Whether you are applying cold, heat or a combination of both, always use caution. The gelatine pads are reusable and completely non-toxic.

Comes as a pair in a bag with four gelatine packs.

Available in one size only.

Lisa’s notes: These boots are an excellent addition to any tack room. The fact that they can be used for hot and cold treatment makes them extremely versatile and an absolute must for any serious horse or yard owner. We do advise that veterinary treatment should always be sought before using them especially if your horse is lame as they are designed to complement any treatment and not replace it. Also, depending on the injury the optimum length of time can vary which I have on good authority from my husband who is an equine vet! He also advises that if heating in a microwave that you do check they are not too hot before applying to your horse’s legs especially if you are unsure as to the exact power of your microwave. If you find them too hot to touch or put next to your skin then it will be too hot for your horse’s legs!! However, if you have any further questions please do contact us!