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Harry Hall Junior Zeus Body Protector (Grey/Pink)

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Harry Hall Junior Zeus Body Protector (Grey/Pink)
Harry Hall

Harry Hall Junior Zeus Body Protector (Grey/Pink)

The Harry Hall Junior Zeus Body Protector is a Childs EN13158 2009 BETA level 3 panelled; body protector. It features separate lightweight shock absorbing foam panels that mould around the body to provide a close & comfortable fit. The air mesh outer has a bright contrast binding and reflective piping on the front and back. It also features red fitting indicators to ensure the correct fit and protection.

Colour: Grey/Pink

Available sizes: S, M, L & XL

Lisa’s notes: The reason we chose to stock these body protectors is for their lightness. As our other business is a riding school, we sell a lot of body protectors to our school clientele and therefore are particularly fussy when it comes to the fit. We liked these for the colour, many of the younger riders like pink & are more enthusiastic to wear this than a plain black or navy one. It is easy for little ones to get on and the panels are very soft and because there are lots of separate, foam panels, they feel less constricted in this type of protector.

We do always advise if possible that you get a body protector professionally fitted as it is important that you get the correct fit. It needs to be close fitting and not a size that the child can grow into. We always ask our customers to firstly sit on a chair & then check them on a saddle so we can check that the back of the protectors are not too short or long. This is particularly important with children as the amount of room within the saddle can vary greatly and you do not want the body protector too large that they can become hooked on the cantle or the back ends up hitting the seat. Also, if you can see the red indicators when you have done all the straps up then this means it is too tight/too small. Body protectors are really designed to be worn over thin base layers and then put your other layers on top. The front of the protector should cover the bottom rib.

We hope this helps and to get an idea of size please click on the additional image which gives a guide to how each size measures up. If you need additional help or guidance please do give us a call!