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KEP Chromo T Riding Helmet with Polished Inserts & Rose Gold Trim (Navy)

  • KEP Chromo T Riding Helmet with Polished Inserts & Rose Gold Trim (Navy)
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KEP Chromo T Hat with Polish Inserts & Rose Gold Trim (Navy)

KEP Chromo T Riding Helmet with Polished Inserts & Rose Gold Trim (Navy)

This style is similar in design to the chromo-textile with the matt finish on the main part of the hat but has the addition of gloss inserts on the centre & back panels with matching grid and peak. Unlike the other helmets, the vent is self coloured helping to create a sleek, unfussy appearance and has a gorgeous rose-gold trim. This style would suit many occasions or  just make a lovely, everyday riding hat. Manufactured by premium Italian brand, KEP, it combines the latest technology around today but without compromising on the comfort of the rider. It's an ideal style for any discipline or just as an everyday helmet thanks to its understated look.

Unparalleled attention is paid to the safety of the product’s, each helmet endures a rigorous set of 15 safety standard tests for front, side and rear impact, rotational falls and crashes of the rider.  KEP’s mission is to provide a helmet which protects the rider using the latest technology and to create a helmet which is lightweight and elegant for all horse sport.

The hats are tested and kite marked for the British Market and have the BSI Kite mark BS:EN 1384, PAS 015 and ASTM F1163.04A.

The hats are really lightweight with an air control system grid at the front of the hat which circulates air around the head, helping to keep the rider cool. The front vent is equipped with a discreet central lever that can be moved from the bottom upwards allowing the control of airflow. In addition, underneath the front grille there is a fine steel mesh that stops any bugs or external debris from entering the helmet. The hats feature a coolmax interchangeable liner which can be replaced or washed as required.  

The helmets have a flexible peak in order to avoid fractures.

All hats have a 5 point harness for comfort and safety and come with a 2 year guarantee. The harness is inserted into the helmet through three belt loops which are entirely made of soft faux leather which can be washed and KEP have even considered the possibility of allergic reactions to the rivets by placing them in a position that means they do not come into contact with the skin.

The helmets come with a one piece liner that allows you to alter the size of your helmet or take it out and wash it.

Supplied in a smart looking bag.

Comes in sizes 51-62. (see guide below)

Colour: Navy matt finish with gloss inserts on the front & rear & rose gold trim.

Lisa's notes: If you're looking for a helmet that looks smart but also at the cutting edge of safety then this brand is definitely one to consider. This particular design is very understated and the fact that it is made out of the two textures helps create a very streamlined look. It's almost like a piece of modern art!  They are a really clever concept as they are designed in two parts. You have the tough outer shell which provides maximum protection to the rider. The shells come in two sizes, medium (fits 51-58cms) and large (59-61cms). The second part is the interchangeable lining inside the helmet which allows the rider to optimise the fit of the hat by just simply unclipping one liner and replacing it with another size. You don't have to replace the expensive outer shell! This is the perfect solution for the child/teenager who wants a top helmet as it means that as they grow you can adjust the sizing by simply purchasing a larger liner. Or maybe you find that in the summer your head feels extremely clammy and you want a bit more room, then you have the option to do so! From a hygiene point of view, if you had a second liner, you can wash one whilst wearing the other! A good friend also pointed out that both her daughter and her could share one hat between them by just switching the liners which meant they both got a lovely helmet to wear. Not something I had thought about! Also, if you did inadvertently smash the visor, the helmets can be returned to KEP who will provide a new one. I've added a sizing guide below to help with your purchase but if in doubt please do call us and if we do not have your size in stock please contact us as we can normally get them within 24 hours. These can also be customised by adding your name on the rear of the helmet (for an additional charge of £60), adding a logo or perhaps you may want to have it made in your club colours. The options are numerous but if you want a quote for a customised helmet then please call us and we can go through all the details for you. As a rough guide, customised helmets can take 14 to 21 days to manufacture.

MEDIUMCMS  51         52        53        54         55       56      57        58
MEDIUM SHELLINS6-3/8    6-1/2    6-5/8    6-3/4    6-7/8     7     7-1/8    7-1/4 
LARGE  CM    59        60         61        62
LARGE SHELLINS7-3/8   7-1/2    7-5/8    7-3/4