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Kingsland Aike Front Protection Boots (Black)

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Kingsland Aike Front Protection Boots (Black)
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Kingsland Aike Front Protection Boots (Black)

These Kingsland Aike boots are designed to be used on the front legs and are made from artificial leather with a gorgeous super-soft faux fur trim around the top and bottom.  They are part of a limited edition range from the Kingsland dressage collection and feature a patent finish on the outer. These premium quality boots are specially designed to protect the horse’s lower leg, protecting it from brushing and knocks during ridden work. The substantial Velcro straps ensure the boots remain securely in place as well as enabling the boots to be applied and removed easily and they are nicely finished with the KLD logo.

These come as a pack of two.

Colour: Black

Fabric: 100% Polyurethane (PU artificial leather)

Comes in Full size

Lisa’s notes: These attractive boots are part of the Kingsland Dressage Collection and are really well made! They release a new design every season and these limited edition boots do not disappoint with their artificial leather look which scream expensive! The faux fur trim means your horse remains comfortable, and the straps ensure they remain firmly in place. We know they are not cheap to purchase but they are extremely durable and we can safely say that having shipped them around the world that we have had no returns on these as yet with many customers purchasing a new design each time they appear such is there popularity!  For the full set, take a look at the Kingsland Coig boots which are identical and designed for the back legs and the Kingsland Malargue bell boots! Check out the full set and save 10% off the normal price when you buy the front and back set!