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Equilibrium Stretch and Flex Bandages
Equilibrium Products
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Equilibrium Stretch and Flex Bandages

The Equilibrium stretch and flex bandages have been designed to reduce the build-up of heat thanks to a unique inbuilt cool space liner, giving the leg maximum support that a bandage can offer whilst keeping it cool at the same time. In addition, the liner provides extra cushioning and protection and helps prevent uneven pressure being applied on the leg.

They are designed to allow freedom of movement; the outer material is an open weave fabric which has a four way stretch for this purpose, 50% of the bandage is then lined with the cool space fabric. This soft, flexible fabric reduces the build-up of heat in the bandage.

Available in White.

One size only. (3m)

Sold as a set of 4.

Lisa’s notes: These bandages are perfect for those who want maximum support for their horses’s legs. The clever fabric really does help reduce heat and they do look smart when on. They come packaged in a plastic storage bag that is useful for keeping them clean.