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Tredstep Symphony No3 Rosa Ladies Full Seat Breech (French Blue)

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Tredstep Symphony No3 Rosa Ladies Full Seat Breech (French Blue)
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Tredstep Symphony No3 Rosa Ladies Full Seat Breech (French Blue)

Tredstep's Classic Motion Fit design combined with Tredstep Evolution fabric redefines traditional standards resulting in a range of beautifully balanced, classically styled high performance breeches which are in-tune with the movement of the horse and rider.

Individual design elements combine to ensure the rider is always dressed to perform with confidence and style.

Motion Fit Design features include:

Integrated Cuff- Scrolled patterns and butterfly seams contour the lower leg shape to provide a superior fit and reduce bunching of fabric at the back of knee. This design accommodates varying calf sizes, streamlines and elongates the leg producing a secure feel with full freedom of movement.

Definition Waistband - The Tredstep Symphony waistband improves the definition of the waist, which is noticeably more flattering to the rider. It is designed using circular pattern techniques which results in a smooth curved fit through the riders lower back eliminating annoying gaping and belt pulling.

Articulated Padded Knee - The upper area of the knee is lightly padded for increased comfort against the saddle, and the lower area, which is inside the rider's boot, is scalloped to reduce bulk and aid in the flexion of the knee. The Symphony Knee maintains the front curve and look of the traditional full seat but it has been specifically designed in terms of shape, stitch articulation, and graded padding to actively aid the unrestricted bending and flexion of the rider's knees.

The TS Evolution fabric with added nanosphere technology is tailor made for Tredstep and uses the latest technology in microfiber, cotton and stretch yarns providing 4 way stretch with excellent shape retention ensuring a long term secure comfortable fit. This high performance fabric has a durable outer surface with a soft skin friendly feel on the inside and a non-stick and self-cleaning process is transferred to the surface of the fabric by means of nano-technology. The result is NanoSphere. Splashes and annoying stains don't have a chance, Ketchup, honey, coffee, red wine, oil and grease, as well as water, simply run off the nano-surface, even after numerous washes.

Other features include:

  • Full Seat
  • Modified Mid Rise Waist
  • Colour Coded Buttons & Details
  • Branded Front Belt Loop
  • Buttoned Rear Belt Loop – tonal buttons
  • Slanted Front Pocket

Comes in sizes 24 – 34 and two lengths, regular and long

Colour: French Blue

Lisa’s notes: These breeches are beautifully made and combine numerous ingenious features to optimise the fit. The waistband is really well thought out and is a snug fit and the cuff is perfect for those riders who hate the old traditional Velcro fastening found on many breeches. The fabric allows for moisture control to help with overheating and has a four way stretch to allow complete freedom of movement. The nanosphere technology really does work, I was amazed to watch the sales rep tip her bottle of water over them and see the water form into little beads and roll off. The feedback from customers is that it definitely helps reduce staining which if you’re as messy as me can only be a good thing particularly when it comes to competition breeches! I also love the detailing on the inside of them which only you will see but still adds a nice touch and helps convey a feeling of quality. For the money, they deliver lots of style and features!