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Uvex Onyxx Friends Junior Riding Hat (White/Pink)

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Uvex Onyxx Friends Junior Riding Hat (White/Pink)

Uvex Onyxx Friends Junior Riding Hat (White/Pink)

The Onyxx Friends riding helmet is the latest design from Uvex for children and teenagers and combines a stylish matte look with new standards regarding safety. Manufactured using an in-mould process, EPS foam is injected into an impact resistant polycarbonate shell creating a practical, lightweight hat offering the maximum in protection and outstanding ventilation. The three dimensional adjustable sizing system IAS 3D enables it to fit virtually any head shape with easy fine tuning. The Fast Adapting System (FAS) ensures that the helmet stays securely on the head in all situations and is simple to adjust! It is fully compliant with 2016 regulations. Features include:

  • Featherlight weight
  • From 270g weight
  • In-mould technology: EPS foam is injected into an impact resistant polycarbonate shell.
  • Integrated funnelled air channels – vents connect directly to air channels which run from front to back, to guarantee permanent ventilation.
  • FAS strap – the chin strap can be adjusted very easily ensuring your helmet stays firmly on your head at all times and is always in the best position.
  • 3D IAS Fitting system to adapt to individual head shapes – this system allows the fit to be adjusted in both width and height to ensure the perfect fit. In an instant the helmet can be adjusted with millimetric precision.
  • Monomatic Closure offers one handed, multi-level adjustment – clever system that allows the rider to adjust and undo the chin strap with just one hand at the push of a button.
  • Removable all season inner liner included.
  • Suitable for spectacle wearers
  • Kitemarked by BSI & to standard VG1 01.040 2014-12. 2016 Compliant. Therefore satisfying the criteria required by all governing bodies and associations.

Size Guide: Comes in one size only.

3XS-XS: 49-54cm

Lisa’s notes: It’s easy to read the above list of features and wonder what it all means so hopefully we can help make it a little less daunting when choosing a helmet! The Onyxx helmet is a great choice for children and teenagers who want all the safety features of a Uvex helmet combined with a fun design. Each helmet is rigorously tested and kite marked before dispatch and the fitting system is extremely easy to use. The ability to adjust both the height and width of these helmets means you really do get an excellent fit.  The technology used is state of the art and means you get maximum protection yet a lightweight helmet. I love the fact that you can adjust the chin strap with just one hand and the really neat look they provide. The liner can be removed and you may wish to have a spare one, for when one is in the wash. The other major attraction with this helmet is that it meets all the specifications for a cycling helmet and you have the added bonus of being able to purchase LED lights which can be slotted into the front and back for additional safety. This has proven really popular with parents who like the fact that if their child decided to give up riding then they can still use it on their bikes. It also saves on purchasing two separate helmets! We do try to keep a range of designs in stock but if we do not have the one you want then please do give us a call to find out latest delivery dates. With regards to fitting, we have included a guide below but please do call if you require further help.

  • Please note that these hats are certified for use within the European Union. Customers outside the European Union must check that this certification meets the safety standards and certification required in the country of intended use.

When you receive your helmet, unwind the dial on the rear (anticlockwise if it was on your head) so that you make it wider. Make sure the sides are pulled down from the helmet by grabbing above where your ears would be and pulling firmly away from the interior of the hat. Place the helmet on your head. You should be able to feel the helmet on the top of your head. If you cannot then you need to go up to the next shell size.

With the hat on your head, gradually turn the dial in a clockwise direction until you feel it quite firm.

Then feel above your ears for the adjuster that alters the depth of the helmet and gradually click each side up one click at a time. Wiggle the front of the helmet to check if it is sitting above your eyebrows and moves your eyebrows and skin. If not, then click one more time each side and repeat the above process. Continue until you feel you have the optimum fit.

This is a really simple process (honest) but if on receiving your helmet, you are unsure as to how to fit then please call and we can talk you through it over the phone!